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What are the results of the use of Dianabol?

The body enthusiasts often get attracted by the look at before and after pictures of the Dianabol use. These are mostly young and new users who get really attracted to the positive results. They get captivated when the positive effects come in front of them and they tend to get attracted to the use without thinking a lot about it. The Dianabol is a highly common steroid that is used today. This is highly popular as it is capable of generating body mass and strength in limited time. There are also minimum side effects of the use which can also be controlled when the user is careful. This one is able to generate effects in as less as 4 weeks time which is great given the results it produces.

The bulking cycles usually run for 6 weeks. The time is enough for the steroid to kick in and get the job done. The idea of increasing the cycle could not be advisable. This is as increasing the time might increase the risk of liver damage and testosterone suppression. The cycles may vary from user to user but they must be supplemented with the aromatase inhibitor. This should be done to stop the rate of estrogen conversion.

The dose of Dianabol for different users is dependent on many factors. Some users like it empty stomach which is generally considered the best way to consume it for maximum effects. There are also others who prefer the consumption post food. There is another suitable way which is taking Dianabol twice each day. It is important that the consumption is discussed and the users are sure how to take the steroid they are buying.

As important as the results are it is also important to think about the PCT. The post cycle therapy is important as it brings the hormone levels back to normal. Using Dianabol may mess up with the body hormone level which requires efforts to be balanced. The use of PCT is also argued to ensure that the efforts made to gain weight do not disappear into thin air. Think of it this way, who would want to make efforts for 6 weeks when they will have to let go of the gains in no time. The levels of testosterones are maintained in the body which is known to maintain the level of lean muscle mass. The PCT cycle ideally last for 4-6 weeks and starts after three days of the completion of use of steroid. The cycle of PCT majorly depends on the level of steroids used.

The look at before and after pictures may sound tempting but the users must understand that there is a lot that goes behind the results. The right amount of dosage and cycles are the first step, the right amount of food intake is also important. The exercise regimes are equally responsible for reaching the goals set by the users. It is also in the best interest to start with small dosage when you are a beginner and increase as there is progress.

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