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Valuemags and AFAR: A Guide to Boston, MA

Valuemags’ free magazine subscriptions offer AFAR as part of the package deal. Within this magazine, they will offer you insights into the latest travel information from what to do in said city all the way to what you should eat. This week, the scoop highlighted over Boston, Massachusetts. North America started in this quaint city, so be sure to visit the rich historical sites that will enlighten you with the truth of what our great country has become today.

Thankfully, most of the tours don’t require a large saving. For instance, you can simply take a stroll and your favorite book in the lovely Public Garden to unearth local life. People enjoy playing soccer here or going on romantic promenades past the sulking, weeping willows that it is home to. If you’re feeling especially touristic, a ride on one of the iconic Swan Boats is a must. If you’re excited for all the shopping opportunities in the wonderful city of Boston, you must be sure to seek out Beacon Hill for the European, boutique-shop vibe that it offers.


This city offers many outdoor parks and boardwalks for those who prefer to be on foot. The Boston Common should be on the top of your visiting list as it is America’s oldest church, dating back to the late 1700s. There are also free tours that take you through the Freedom Trail, which all happen to begin in this lovely area.

If you’re a big history buff, especially when it comes to American history, then you are in the right spot! Make your way through memory lane as you visit one of the first echelons of the USS Constitution. The Charleston Bridge offers the oldest navy ship in America called the Old Ironsides.

Are you a literature lover? If reading books is your thing, then you certainly do not want to miss a visit to Boston’s Central Library. Here you will find hundreds of pearly-green lights, and thousands of miraculously crafted pieces of work to feed your brain and your heart.

Valuemags and AFAR also has special insight into Salem, Massachusetts and all the history that went on with the Salem Witch Trials.

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Valuemags and AFAR: A Guide to Boston, MA

Valuemags’ free magazine subscriptions offer AFAR as part of the ...


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