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The best toddler shoes in 2017 you should get for your kid

Shoes are a very important component when you think of dressing up your baby. During the period when your baby is just about to get up and walk, you need to make sure that he or she has the right pair of shoes that helps their tiny little feet move around. Toddler boots, slip-ons and shoes are namely a few among the footwear you can consider.

Buying toddler boots and other baby footwear items can cut a hole in your pocket that keeps draining with time because let’s face it; babies grow up really fast! However, buying baby shoes online can be a smarter choice. Besides, if you have a toddler at home, you might be really busy taking care of the baby and taking him out for a good shopping day would be something really difficult. This is another reason buying shoes online is the smarter way.

This is an online baby store that brings you the products from different sellers in Australia. This Australia based company ships baby products all around the world and carry a wide range of baby products from toys and accessories to clothes and boots.

The first thing to consider while buying footwear for your toddler is the material. Try to avoid plastic and rubber that will hurt your little one’s feet and can give rise to blisters and shoe bites. Leather, canvas, and cloth are much better options that will help your toddler feel comfortable.

Secondly, the shoe must fit your baby’s feet right. It is best to get the size measured at a store or get a dummy pair of shoes after trial that’s cheap, before buying anything expensive online. This is to make sure that you are getting the right fit shoes for your toddler. If the shoes are a bit loose, the heals come out of the back as your baby tries to walk and will keep rubbing against the skin which can end up in bad shoe bites or blisters.

On the other extreme side, if the shoe is a bit too tight, your baby will never feel comfortable wearing them and there are chances that he or she can trip and fall down. Now you don’t want your toddler to fall and get hurt a lot just because of wrong sized shoes. This is why it is important to buy the right sized shoes for your toddler so that he can learn walking in style and with comfort.

Comfort is definitely one thing, but style is important too. If your baby is at home, you can go for a soft material for shoes that are simple and easy to clean. Keep the sophisticated stuff for fancy outings and functions. Like stylish cowboy boots that will totally go with a cowboy hat. Or plain black leather shoes if you’re dressing up your little one for a formal function like a wedding or a party that will go perfectly with a tux.

 You can find funny, colorful and cartoon figured shoes for your toddler that are best for birthday parties and play dates. There are shoes that come with lights and cute noises as your toddler walks, making them want to walk and move around more. Let your kid be the center of attraction with cool and comfortable baby shoes!

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