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Tips To Make Handmade Jewelry


Do you want to gift something unique to your loved ones? Do u like to wear matching accessories like earrings, bracelets, designer pendants, etc. on a special occasion with a low investment? Then, this is the article which helps you to fulfill all the wishes of yours to come true. Just by knowing few techniques, we can able to design our own jewelry with our unique style and design. The Handmade Jewelry can be jewelry sets, or either a bracelet or ear-ring or pendant or bangles, etc.

Handmade Jewelry making guide

The following are some of the tips for making handmade jewelry. They are

Choose the type of jewelry you are interested

There is a wide range of available varieties in today’s market starting from leather, clay, glass, beaded type, knit, crochet, embroider, and etc. First, choose your interest in the available types because some are interested in wearing simple designs and some others of different styles according to their outfits.

Visit a nearby craft store

Go to a nearby craft store to buy a jewelry kit and this kit provides the users with basic necessary tools to design your favorite jewelry pieces. Depending on the varieties of the jewelry, the tool kit differs from one material to another. (e.g) Beading Jewelry Kit, Wire Jewelry Kit, etc.

Learn some basic skills for jewelry making

Before starting to work on the original design, try to learn some basic techniques like how to make a jump ring design and with that how to make a simple and small wire wrapped jewelry. The type of basic skills varies according to the type the users choose. So, the users should try to learn some basic skills according to their project.

Purchasing the tools according to the project

Choose different types of tools for making the project. There are a wide variety of tools available. They are

  • For measuring centimeters an inches use a metal ruler.
  • For bending the wire use peg boards.
  • There are a variety of pliers available for the nose, chin, jaw, and etc.

Select the supplies needed for the project

There are some of the basic supplies needed for most of the jewelry pieces like jump rings, earrings, beads, headpins, closures, jewelry wire, clasps, and etc.

Learn basic jewelry measurements

There are some standard measurements for making a necklace, bracelets, and etc. which depends on whether used by men or women. For example, the measurement length of making men’s bracelet is 8-11 inches and for women is 7 inches.

Seek the help of the internet such as blogs or courses

Surf the internet to get more ideas regarding the making of Handmade Jewelry. It is now more available on the web which gives the users the idea regarding making their own jewelry piece. There are also tutorials available which show the step by step procedures and ideas of latest handmade jewelry designs.

Practice some of the basic techniques of making jewelry piece first and once all this is done, it is the time for the user to make his/her own jewelry of his/her own interest.


Thus, those who are interested in wearing unique styles of accessories with low cost that best fits their outfits can make use of handmade jewelry with less effort. The users can also sell their own handmade products with the help of an online market place. This may even benefit them a lot depending upon the products they make. The customers can purchase those handmade products by placing custom orders and can enjoy the feeling of magnificent handmade items. Hope, this article will benefit the users who are interested in designing their own jewelry products with their own interest.

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