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Categories of Roller Skates

Skating is one of the famous activities among the kids and young stars. Skates can be used for different purposes. You can go for skating just for fun or as a workout session. Also, some skating sports events have been introduced to roller hockey or skating race. Artistic forms also have been included like dancing on wheels. According to your requirement for skates, you need a specific type of skates. Actually, there are different types of skates serving different purposes.

  • Speed skates: these type of roller-skates are designed to go fast and therefore these are very popular. It features boots like tennis shoes which fit the best. Rolling around the corners has become quite easy with this type of skates. It has easy rolling wheels which have the bearing. Thus it provides a free and easy movement. Speed skating and jam skating (dance) are done using this type of skates.
  • Indoor skates: These types of skates are of the traditional types. These are used to skate in a skating rink. Sometimes artistic skates and recreational skates are performed by using these types of skates. These types of skates have the features of a high shoe and narrow wheels. High boots allow the skater a good control while dancing. Turning and jumping become extremely easy on the narrow wheels.
  • Outdoor skates: outdoor skates are designed particularly for rough surfaces. These types of skates have the wheels which are meant for not so smooth surface. These wheels are softer than the indoor and more absorbent providing an even ride on the rough outdoor surface.
  • Roller derby skates: these are usually meant for the sports events. The design includes durability, a quick pickup time and smooth and controlled turning.
  • Kid’s skates: these are specially designed for the children. The main characteristic is that it does not move as fast as the others. Fast moving skates are not recommended for the beginners. Because they don’t have the required balance and control for the high-speed skates. It may cause injury.
  • Inline skates: we have 3 types of inline skates:-
  1. Recreational skates: it is also identified as the fitness skates. It has high top shoes to provide good support for the ankle and the foot. Also, it is very relaxed to wear for several hours.
  2. Roller hockey skates: these are designed for playing roller hockey. It has good support for the feet, easy balancing wheels and quick speed up which are required for a sports event. Roller hockey is very popular among the youth.
  3. Racing skates: these are the fast skates. The wheels are designed both for the outdoor and indoor. The shoes fit close to the feet so that it can control the wind resistance.

These are the most common types of roller-skates. According to your need choose anyone of them. The fitting and the comfort of your feet should be considered while choosing a pair of skates. Safety equipment are must for skates. A helmet, elbow and knee guards (should be with a solid pad which can resist from injury on a drop on the floor or on the outdoor surface) and a pair of right sized wrist guards.

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