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How to Pick an Entourage for Your Wedding?

A wedding is not just about the bride and groom; there are many supporting players in the ceremony who are very important too. A lot of attention and thought has to go in when you choose your best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members who are involved in the ceremony such as, the flower girls and the ring bearers. These people are entrusted with a lot of responsibilities which means that you need to choose them wisely. Things can go pretty disastrous if a bridesmaid fails to show up on the wedding day or if the best man messes up the groom’s outfit.

This article will help you understand better about the entourage for your wedding and the responsibilities of each member:

Best man:

The best man is the groom’s go to person for all wedding related matters. The groom gets to choose the best man and it’s usually the groom’s brother or best friend. The duties of a best man includetaking care of the groom on the wedding day, planning his bachelor party, keeping the wedding ring safe, and preparing a good speech for the wedding reception. He’s expected to be there with the groom throughout the wedding day, as well as, to help him get ready and stay confident. The best man also helps the groom arrange for the wedding and the reception.

Maid of honor:

Like the best man for the groom, maid of honor is the go to person for the bride. The maid of honoris usually the bride’s best friend, sister, or cousin. The maid of honor is supposed to help the bride with whatever she wants including the dress, hair and makeup, and other arrangements. The maid of honor is ideally in charge of throwing a bridal shower and also helping her in choosing gifts for the bridesmaids. Check out for bridesmaid gift ideas.


The groomsmen are usually the family or close friends of the groom. They not only dress up in style to be a part of the wedding but handle a lot of responsibilities, including last moment errands for the groom. The groomsmen usher in guests and escort the bridesmaids during the ceremony.


It is fair to say that the bridesmaids have much more to take care of as compared to the groomsmen because a bride needs more help when getting ready for the wedding. They take care of everything related to the bride including her dress, hair and makeup, heels, and other requirements. Bridesmaids are the central support system of the bride and they support her throughout the course of the wedding preparation and the ceremony.

Flower girls:

Flower girls are usually the niece, friend’s daughter, or god daughter of the bride and belong in the age group between three to eight. They ideally scatter flower petals before the bride walks down the aisle. Even though that’s the ideal way, the flower girls can do something different like blow bubbles, carry a flower basket, or hold a sign as they walk down the aisle.

Ring bearer:

Ring bearers are between the ages of three to eight years boys; they walk down the aisle carrying the wedding rings. Typically, the kids close to the groom.

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