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Bra Extender –The Necessity for Effeminate Comfort

Every body is different depending on the water weight, physical activity, hormones and unique personal structure. The life of the woman is such that she has to go through lots of physical changes that cause the fluctuation in their clothing particularly bra size. You feel the cup size is right, but the band feels totally snug. In this situation, no one can afford two or three different wardrobes. However, we can guarantee you comfort without hoarding your undergarment drawers with numerous bra sizes. We present you a perfect lingerie solution in the form of bra extender. It is one economical and straightforward bra elucidation if you require a little breathing space inside your bra.

Closecret Bra Extender

A bra extender is a small elastic band having eyes and hooks that can be used to extend the length of your current bra. The hooks are sewn at the rear that is used to attach to your current bra eyes to lengthen it. It provides you extra one to three inches of bra closure and much-desired relief. This is how Closecret bra extender works. Straightforward, isn’t it?

Types of Bra Extenders

Now if you are convinced and wish to join the bra extender community we would like to guide you on different types of bra extenders Closecret provides. First of all, you need to have a closer look at your bra and find out the number of hooks it possesses. The bra extender must have the same number of hooks that your bra comprises. We offer three kinds of bra extenders at our store including one hook bra extenders, two hook bra extenders, and three hook bra extenders. This will save you a lot of money and helps your bra to last for longer period.

Benefits of Bra Extenders

Bra extenders provide many benefits and provide design best solution to your bras. Some of them are as follows:

During Pregnancy

You can take huge advantage of bra extenders during pregnancy. Instead of buying tons of expensive bras only for nine months it is wise to purchase a couple of bra extenders and utilize them with your current lingerie. It will save you thousands of dollars as bra extenders are an inexpensive commodity.

Weight Fluctuation

 If you are on medication, dieting or have medical reasons for weight fluctuation, then bra extender is your savior.

Fluid Retention

Some women’s body retains fluid during premenstrual symptoms and gets a balloon like swelling. In those days they can use bra extenders for three or four days in a month.

Closecret bra extenders not only help you with old bras but also with the new ones. What if you are thirty-three instead of thirty-two or thirty-four? Although the measuring tape insists that you possess standard size, even then it is unwise to pick up a bra from the rack and buy it without trying it in the dressing room. Different materials and brands provide you totally different sizes and fit yet the size are same on their tags. Sometimes the bras get shrink due to the material used. Closecret bra extenders provide additional material so that you enjoy a perfect fit without altering cup size or strap alignment.

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