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Bohemian Ankle Bracelets – Five ankle bracelet styles worth watching for

A woman wants to look beautiful from tip to toe. Perhaps, this is the reason why a number of accessories are in vogue. In the list of all these funky accessories, the one selling like hot cake these days is Bohemian Ankle Bracelet. It is because these foot accessories can be made in a multitude of styles and are designed to go with a variety of occasions, helping the girl look like a diva. So, here are the five most stylish ankle bracelets of Bohemian design that are being appreciated a lot and are in high demand.

  1. Barefoot sandals style – Beach fashion finds the best companion in the form of barefoot sandal style ankle bracelet. This is the latest in Bohemian foot fashion and is perked further with coin shaped accents. If you are bride or even a wedding guest on a beach wedding, you can add it to your attire to achieve a head-turning look. Now, no need to miss styling the feet or restricting only to nail-color. Go a step further and cover your feet with stylish barefoot sandal that are awesome to look and easy to wear. The designers are adding more spark to this foot wear by introducing gemstone accents made of turquoise, opal etc.
  2. Zip anklet style – Certainly a way to dress up in outrageous manner! Your Bohemian look can get a mechanical flavor in the shape of zip-style anklets. These anklets are heavy in look, but very light in weight. Top quality alloy given a metallic finish adds a stylish appeal along with imparting certain sturdiness to this foot accessory. A perfect party wear accessory fit to go with stylish ensemble.
  3. Foot chain with crocheted design – Another Bohemian look anklet that is quite in vogue these days is an infinity inspired barefoot sandal. This foot chain is quite ornately detailed in crocheted style that makes this foot accessory quite fanciful to look. This Bohemian foot accessory is being loved a lot as pool wear styling element and is preferred to wear with bikinis and monokinis.
  4. Eye and pepper design foot sandal ankle bracelet – Time to go a bit peppy with unusual design elements! This style of foot chain is the funkiest of Bohemian look anklets and is loved because of the unusual accents it is adorned with. Eye and pepper shaped accents placed alternately along the length of the foot chain offers a shield against vicious minded people, as the belief goes. This looks fantastically cute too. The eye and pepper design can be replaced with corals, or coins or gemstone starts, as you wish to do.
  5. Ankle bracelets with adjustable foot chain carved in retro look – The retro look ankle bracelets having retro look are another head-turners in the Bohemian foot accessory category. This style of Bohemian look anklets is customized solution for a wide range of foot sizes and looks beautiful on women of all ages.

So, when you choose to dress up in Bohemian style, the chic pattern of these anklets is surely going to help you meet the new fashion goals.

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