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4 Factors for Choosing Best Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Using a home laser hair removal device provides more convenience, saves time, and also saves money. You cannot just choose any device. You have to consider the body area, the device’s spot size, safety, and power settings among other factors. Here are 4 key factors to consider when choosing the best hair removal system.

1. Body Areas to be Treated

Many users want to have a hair-free body. Others want to have smooth skin in certain areas only. You should consider which body areas you want to treat when choosing laser hair removal device. Different types of systems are required for hair removal from body-only and from body and face.

• Body and Face: The device must be designed to be used on facial areas. It should provide gentle treatment on sensitive facial skin. Look for the right sized attachment that simplifies hair removal in small areas such as upper lip.

• Body-Only: Choose a unit that features quick flash repetition rates and large treatment window. Devices with continual flash mode are perfect for larger area treatment as they are more comfortable. Look for extra attachments for precision on bikini line and other similar areas.
So make sure to consider all these factors when choosing the best home laser hair removal device. Besides the features of the system, you should also consider the body area that needs to be treated.

2. Spot Size

When choosing the right laser hair removal device, consider the spot size. This device can have spot size as small as 1cm and as large as 6cm. A larger spot size means it will cover a larger area at a time. When it comes to hair removal on the legs and chest, you should choose a unit with large spot size. When it comes to removing hair from the bikini line, you should choose a unit with smaller spot size.

3. Power Settings

The power levels of the home laser hair removal device affect the speed and effectiveness of the process. Choose a unit that offers a wide variety of power settings. This is important also because different body areas have different levels of sensitivity.

4. Safety

Choose a laser hair removal system that has built-in safety features. The light beam shouldn’t be emitted unless the device is properly held. This is crucial so that sensitive areas do not get damaged. Some units have filtered safety glasses to ensure optimal protection for your eyes. Another aspect of safety is to ensure children’s safety. Look for a device that has security measures in place to prevent anyone else from activating it.

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